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Shell with a HTML5 browser

by Dima on 09/01/2013

Some time ago I got an interesting task.
I was to develop shell for offline viewing of html5 pages that contains a video, svg and other. The shell was to allow modify and save image with user data when a user clicks the button.
It have to work with Windows XP and later OS.
I know several ways to fulfil similar tasks.
1) Adobe Air with WebKit component (mx:HTML). But it doesn’t support video tag and svg.
2) It’s possible to use http://webkitdotnet.sourceforge.net/ But WebKit build in this component is too old.
3) Custom WebKit build. But latest WebKit build from http://www.webkit.org/ looks broken and I had no time to find working build.
4) WebBrowser .Net class. This looks the best I chose this way.

A WebBrowser perfectly described here.
And I developed the application very fast.

But in the last moment I understood a WebBrowser class uses system Internet Explorer ActiveX component for rendering.
The Latest Internet Explorer for Windows XP is IE8. It doesn’t render video, svg and other HTML5 tags.
It was an epic fail.
I start looking for a new way.
And I found it!
.Net c# class GeckoFX. It uses Mozilla engine for rendering and requires XULRunner package.
Several hours… Cofee… And my application work with a XULRunner.
That’s great!

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